Theresa Throgmorton

Public Benefit Coordinator

Theresa has been with Beck Estate Planning & Elder Law for 10 years as the Public Benefits Coordinator and assists clients with filing for VA and/or Medicaid benefits. She also makes sure that all asset transfers have been completed according to plan. Sometimes this means that she will ask you for more bank statements and paperwork than you ever dreamed of! However, rest assured that it is to ensure that when an application is filed, she has anticipated everything that could possibly be needed so that your application is approved.

Theresa has a BSE from Truman State University but has spent very little time in the field of education. Immediately prior to working at this firm, she was an Eligibility Specialist for the Missouri Family Support Division for 13 years. For the majority of her time with the state, her primary job was assisting families with their applications for Medicaid when a loved one entered a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Theresa lives in St. Peters with her husband, Darrell, two kids, Aryn & Jordan, and two dogs. She loves to watch the Cardinals win and also enjoys any show on HGTV.