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Putting the Pieces Together - Providing Peace of Mind

Welcome to Beck & Lenox
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Serving Clients throughout St. Charles County and State of Missouri

Rudy D. Beck and Associates was founded by a young First Lieutenant newly discharged from the Army in December of 1974. After being offered a job with the local prosecutor’s office and talking with other young attorneys, Rudy decided to take a chance on himself. He rented office space in St. Charles and opened his own law practice.

47 years later, Beck & Lenox Estate Planning & Elder Law continues to focus its attention on educating and serving clients in St. Charles County and throughout the state of Missouri. The firm boasts unparalleled expertise in the many and varied aspects of elder law, including estate planning, trust and probate administration, asset protection, special needs planning, Veterans’ benefits and Medicaid planning. But the true benefit of planning for the future with Beck & Lenox is far more important than that.

It’s peace of mind.

Over the years, Rudy, his partner Jayson Lenox, and associate attorney Caroline Daiker have become experts at creating innovative and well-researched plans for the future that are tailored to each individual client. Every person and family situation is unique, and creating a custom plan that helps a client sleep at night is exactly what the attorneys at Beck & Lenox strive to do. You might say they provide caregiving for the family caregivers.  That translates into helping a family avoid probate, thus saving the family time and money while maintaining total privacy; assisting a veteran and spouse in acquiring money from the VA to pay for long-term care, or helping a family protect their assets in the event of extended long-term care.  To-date, the firm has successfully submitted 2,200 VA Aid & Attendance pension applications and over 3,000 Medicaid applications. 

Beck & Lenox Estate Planning & Elder Law combines decades of experience with on-going education to stay on the leading edge of estate planning and elder law practice. There are other attorneys out there, but Beck & Lenox’s expertise, coupled with a sincere desire to help their clients, are what keeps them in demand.  As Jay Lenox says, “You can rely on us to create the perfect plan for your future, whatever your wishes may be.”

Our Services

Estate Planning

  • Wills
  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Documents


  • Protect Your Assets When The Unexpected Happens
  • Protect Your Assets When You Have Time To Plan Ahead
  • Medicaid to Help Pay for Assisted Living

Probate & Trust Adminstration

  • The Fundamental Duties of a Personal Representative
  • The Fundamental Duties of Trustees of a Trust
  • Why You Need a Lawyer for Both

Veterans Benefits

  • Aid and Attendance for Veterans
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Nursing Home Assistance
  • Long-Term Care for Wartime Heroes

Meet The Attorneys

Founded by a young First Lieutenant newly discharged from the Army in December of 1974, Beck & Lenox started originally as Beck & Associates. Now Beck & Lenox, the firm’s focus is on you, your family, and your aging loved ones.

We strive not only to help families in need, but veterans in need as well. Accredited with the VA, we want to make sure all veterans have all the resources available to them.

Putting the Pieces Together - Providing Peace of Mind

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