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                             Elder Law 

At Beck, Lenox & Stolzer, we go beyond being Estate Planning Attorneys. We are also Elder Law Attorneys. With the help of a highly experienced staff, Beck, Lenox & Stolzer is able to help individuals and their families resolve the important, and sometimes tough, questions they must address in order to have a plan in place for their later years in life.

What if my father falls ill and needs immediate, full-time medical assistance? 

As a Veteran, am I entitled to long-term care benefits?

Are there any long-term care benefits for the spouse of a Veteran?

Can my mother afford living in a nursing home for the next 15 years?

Who will make decisions on my behalf if I become incapacitated?

Having served the St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding areas for over 47 years, Beck, Lenox & Stolzer has the knowledge and experience to help clients determine what options best fit their unique situation.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is for more than the elderly. An Elder Law attorney’s job is to increase the quality of life of their clients, not just figure out who-gets-what after they pass away. Experienced Elder Law attorneys typically specialize in various matters and resources, such as:

At Beck, Lenox & Stolzer, we know the state, federal and local rules governing these agencies and can help explain what options are available to you. We know the appropriate steps to take to secure benefits, how they work in conjunction with each other, and the impact benefits can have on personal finances. It is our goal to make sure our clients and their loved ones are able to receive the care they need and maintain the quality of life they deserve.

Elder Law Emergency Assistance

In addition to helping clients plan ahead, an Elder Law attorney can also help those in emergency situations. If a loved one suffers from an unexpected illness or injury, it may be necessary to make quick changes to determine how to pay for care. Long Term Care Insurance (LTC Insurance), Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits, and Private Pay are just a few options. It might also be necessary to establish a Power of Attorney to make medical decisions if one is not already appointed. An experienced Elder Law attorney can work with you to ensure your loved one receives the best advice relating to quality care and how to pay for that care.

What is an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law attorneys advocate for older adults and disabled people by handling different legal matters such health care expenses; long-term healthcare planning issues; guardianship arrangements; retirement plans/benefits and Medicare/Medicaid.

The Difference Between Estate Planning and Elder Law

When trying to find an Elder Law attorney, it is important to understand how it differs from traditional estate planning (death planning). A traditional estate plan is typically designed to do three things:

  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Avoid probate court
  • Distribute assets from the deceased person to his or her heirs.

Elder Law is the area of law that helps people while they are living. While the name suggests the area of law is best suited for people in their later years in life, the services are oftentimes necessary for people in various situations, such as someone in their 50’s suddenly incapacitated due to a stroke. The attorneys at Beck, Lenox & Stolzer have extensive background in both estate planning and elder law, a combination that has proven to be very valuable for our clients.

When to Hire an Elder Law Attorney

It is best to seek the services of an Elder Law Estate Planning Attorney before illness or incapacity becomes an issue. They can help draft legal documents detailing exactly how certain situations should be handled if you are not able to make decisions for yourself. That means you’ll be in control of the care and treatment you receive, regardless of your ability to assert what you want at a later point.

Based in St. Charles, Missouri, the Beck, Lenox & Stolzer Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC attorneys and staff provide peace of mind to people on every point of the life spectrum. We’ve assisted more than 14,000 families. From people with disabilities to those facing the end of life, we promote planning now and for the future. Whatever issues concern you, our firm has a solution. Contact our office today.

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