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Trust Administration

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Do Heirs Have to Pay Debts from an Estate?
Asset Protection

Does a Trust Protect You From a Lawsuit?

Trusts can provide certain benefits for estate planning, including asset protection. But can you sue a trust?

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The Biggest Health Mistakes Seniors Make
Estate Planning

How Do I Know Fees Subtracted from My Brother’s Estate are Legit?

I’m a beneficiary to my brother’s estate in New Jersey. My younger brother, the executor, is also a real estate broker. When he sold two properties from the estate, he paid himself real estate commissions totaling about $75,000. He never accounted for the rents on the real estate for the two years he managed the properties. Can he do this, and do I have any recourse?

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What Should You Know about Funeral Planning?
“Look-Through” Trust

Designating a Trust as an IRA Beneficiary

It’s generally a bad idea to name a trust as beneficiary of your IRA.

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