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Planning for Retirement with a Special Needs Child
Estate Planning

Who Pays Taxes, the Estate or the Heirs?

The heirs of an estate can be liable to pay the estate or income taxes (and perhaps other obligations) of the estate.
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Elvis' Failure To Create Effective Estate Plans
Estate Planning

Elvis’ Failure To Create Effective Estate Plans

Elvis’ estate planning failures certainly adversely affected the life of his daughter, Lisa Marie, and have carried over into issues with her estate.
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How Long Does It Take to Distribute Assets and Close an Estate?
Asset Protection

Does a Trust Protect You From a Lawsuit?

Trusts can provide certain benefits for estate planning, including asset protection. But can you sue a trust?
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Estate Planning Questions for Couples with a Big Age Gap
Estate Planning

How Do I Know Fees Subtracted from My Brother’s Estate are Legit?

I’m a beneficiary to my brother’s estate in New Jersey. My younger brother, the executor, is also a real estate broker. When he sold two ...
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What Should You Know about Funeral Planning?
“Look-Through” Trust

Designating a Trust as an IRA Beneficiary

It’s generally a bad idea to name a trust as beneficiary of your IRA.
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