Three snowman decorations holding a Merry Christmas sign

Christmas Memories

Greetings during this beautiful Advent and Christmas season! As homes are being decorated, shopping, baking and Christmas card-writing are all being completed, it is only natural that memories of past Christmases flood our thoughts. Rudy, Jay and our staff wanted to share some of our special memories with you:

“One Christmas, when my daughters were 8 and 5 years old, they put on a Broadway worthy performance of ‘The Sound of Music’ for the family. My sweet girls had choregraphed dance routines to several of the songs and danced and sang their little hearts out for us. Having young children in the house at Christmas makes it extra special.”

Rudy Beck, Partner & Founding Attorney


“I would like to share a memory in the making! On Christmas Day this year, my wife, our three children and I are flying to Keystone, Colorado, for a skiing holiday. We already know we are going to enjoy it so much, we are planning on this being our annual Christmas memory-making trip. I will let you know next year how it turned out!”

Jay Lenox, Partner Attorney


“There was always one gift under the tree for my two younger sisters and me labeled ‘Open Christmas Eve.’ Every single year, we received the cutest matching Christmas pajamas. After we put on our matching PJs, we would make reindeer food, which consisted of breakfast cereal and glitter. Then, we would go into our front yard and sprinkle it around in the grass – just in case Santa’s reindeer were hungry when they stopped by our house!”

Caroline Daiker, Associate Attorney


“My three children will always remember the year our live Christmas tree fell over. We were watching a Christmas movie when we heard shattering ornaments and a loud bang. My 9-year-old daughter cried and said, ‘Santa won’t come to our house now because our Christmas tree is broken!’ Everything worked out just fine: We cleaned up the mess and secured the tree in the stand – and, yes, Santa visited our home that year!”

Amy Baker, Paralegal


Baby sitting up and laughing while wearing a holiday dress.

“On the first Christmas after my daughter was born, we took her to get professional photographs at JCPenney. Unfortunately, she was sick with an ear infection and cried through half of the photo session. My dad accompanied us and also was not in a great mood by the end! When we returned home, we tried to salvage our efforts by setting up props and taking our own photos. My baby girl was ALL smiles for EVERY photo – and her ‘Papa’ was very happy, too!”

Deanna Bangert, Legal Administrative Assistant


“I have wonderful childhood memories of Christmas Eve at my paternal grandparents’ house with all my aunts, uncles and 20+ cousins. There was always a roaring fire, lots of good food and, of course, unwrapping gifts was so much fun. Christmas Day was spent with my maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and my other cousins. After dinner and gifts, we would play board games or cards the rest of the night. I miss those days!”

Terry Boschen, Receptionist


Five children on a Christmas card

“I was born and raised in southern California, one of five girls born within a five-year span. You can imagine how many dolls were wrapped under our Christmas tree! After unwrapping gifts and waiting for Mom to call us to a quick breakfast before church, still in our pajamas and pink curlers, we would gather in front of our fireplace where Dad would start a nice fire. We all played with our Barbies there, and we had to open every single window in the living room (and the front door!) in order to keep us from getting heat stroke!”

Diane Distl, Director of Marketing


“Every Christmas morning after we opened our presents, my extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins would go to my grandmother’s house for breakfast and presents. It was always very hectic and chaotic, and I truly miss it. My grandmother’s house was a two bedroom, one bathroom home that my grandfather built in the mid-1930s after he and my grandmother were married. We would always blow a fuse or two with all the appliances running! I was put in charge of making the toast and the hot buttered rum. As the years passed and all of us started having children, we were four generations under one very tiny roof, and it was truly a joyous occasion.”

Lee-Ann Jakab, Paralegal


Two people decorate a Christmas tree while a dog watches from the floor,

“Many of my earlier memories involve doing things with my mom: baking cookies, walking to the store to do shopping or seeing the candles on the Famous Barr building at the old Northland shopping center. We could see them from our kitchen window! Now, every year since I’ve become a mom and Nana, I buy my kids and grandkids an ornament. Each one has their own box with ornaments to hang on the tree. I’ve also saved ornaments they made, and it’s fun to see their artwork and pictures on ornaments from preschool and elementary school days.”

Theresa Throgmorton, Public Benefits Coordinator


The holidays are a perfect time to remind you how much we appreciate your business. We are here to help you protect your estate for your loved ones so that you can have peace of mind.

May you enjoy wonderful holidays filled with the people and traditions that mean the most to you. Enjoy your own memories and be sure to make new ones!